Trident Seafoods

Project Description

Trident Seafoods was founded over 40 years ago. Trident Seafoods has become the largest vertically-integrated seafood company in North America with shoreside processing plants throughout Alaska. Taku Engineering provides inspection services for Trident Seafoods’ Akutan and Sand Point facilities.

Located 750 miles southwest of Anchorage in Alaska’s Aleutian Chain, Trident’s Akutan shore plant is remote and self-reliant. It’s proximity to the Bering Sea fishing grounds has helped it become the largest seafood production facility in North America. The Akutan facility sustains a year-round, multi-species frozen seafood operation capable of processing more than 3 million pounds of raw fish per day.

Located 560 miles southwest of Anchorage, near the tip of the Alaska Peninsula, Trident’s Sand Point facility services a local fleet of independently owned catcher vessels harvesting a wide variety of fish from the waters of the central Gulf of Alaska. A true multi-species, multi-seasonal facility, Sand Point operates year-round with a capacity to process 1.5 million pounds of pollock or 350,000 pounds of salmon per day.

Trident Seafoods

What we did

Taku Engineering provides API 653 above ground storage tank inspection services for Trident Seafoods' Akutan and Sand Point facilities since 2017. Theses inspections required travel to remote rural locations in Alaska during inclement weather conditions.

  • API 653 Tank Inspection

Final Results

Trident Seafood provides employment and economic stability for rural communities in Alaska. Taku Engineering has been able to provide reliable and flexible inspection services to avoid down time during critical fishing seasons to help Trident Seafoods meet regulatory requirements and continue to produce sustainable seafood.

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